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You wake up in a strange hospital, sounds erupt from the darkness. Screams of terror and laughs of a psychopathic woman echo through the hospitals many corridors, will you have the bravery and skill to escape, or will you die by the killers blood stricken weapon?

Controls : 

WSAD/LeftStick - Movement

F/Square or X - Interact

Spacebar/Cross or A - Jump

LeftShift/LeftThumbstickButton - Sprint

Escape/StartButton - Pause


UnstableSplitscreen.rar 842 MB


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This looks pretty sweet so far! Made you a lil video: 

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i think it is because  the splitscreen is supposed to be the enemy which may have been the reason nothing happened while you were playing lol

AHHHHHHH ok ahaha. Ah well! LOL that would of been cool