A downloadable game for Windows

You’re dropped in an arena, as nighttime comes so do the corrupted, fight off waves of the corrupted and purify them.

Solo entry for 2019 MegaJam, all models are original and made during the jam. The theme implementation goes as far as that screenshot, things spun off in their own direction and here they are.

Project based off of: https://github.com/tomlooman/EpicSurvivalGameSeries

Controls are as follows:
Keyboard/Gamepad - Function
WSAD/Left Joystick - Movement
Spacebar/A - Jump
Mouse/Right Joystick - Look Around
Left Mouse Button /RT - Fire
Right Mouse Button/LT - Aim
E/X - Interact/Reload
L.Ctrl/Right Joystick Click - Crouch
Esc/Settings - Pause/Menu

Sorry the mouse doesn't work in the main menu, gotta hope you hit the right button.

Hope you have fun, and enjoy.


PurifytheCorruption.rar 307 MB

Development log


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Please, upload build for Linux. You uploaded just for Windows.